Who didn’t have tears streaming down my eyes a few weeks ago? Then you missed the biggest feels for 2018.  Whether your an Oprah fan or not, The Speak Your Truth speech gave me hope that no matter where I come from or who I am it is important for me and you to speak your truth in my podcast, personal, and professional lives. Time is up!

Oprah is the only reason I partially sat through watching the Golden Globes knowing I a powerhouse speech awaits and well deserved award. I love this woman and everything she represents.  It goes without saying but she has graced her presence in everyone’s kitchen, living room, bedroom, and now mobile device at one point in their lives. 

When she speaks people listen! Her words moved us to tears, as they have many times in the many years we've listened to you speak.  When Oprah speaks, we listen. We listen to her truth...words that touch our cores, and wake our spirits.

Oprah, thank you for speaking on behalf of all of us women who have been attacked, harassed, underpaid and sexuality held hostage at our jobs because we couldn't leave needing the money to support ourselves and family. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for representing us.